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Our E-Solutions give added value to your business. Join our E-solutions services and the Online business portal and get easy access to information anywhere, at anytime, should it be technical documentation or spare parts information.

Spares Online
Spares Online gives you full control over ordering your parts and their delivery processes. It keeps track of all your installations and provides an updated view of the equipment installed in your vessel or power plant. Using Spares Online is fast and easy; part lists are supported by photos to facilitate identification. Repetitive tasks are automated, and selecting and ordering parts is a completely transparent process.

With Spares Online you can easily improve the efficiency of your procurement process. We can adapt to your online procurement needs by providing you access to our online store or via various e-commerce service providers. 

Bulletins Online
Bulletins Online gives you immediate access the latest technical information releases valid for your Wärtsilä products. It provides engine and installation specific, as well as, general information concerning technical manuals, instructions, spare parts codes, and special information concerning operating principles/routines. Bulletins Online cover:

  • Service Letters
  • Technical Bulletins
  • Operating Instructions
  • Spare Part Notices
  • Data & Specifications
  • Measurement Records

Eldoc Online
Eldoc Online is an engine specific interactive Technical Manual and Spare Parts Catalogue. The user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation structure give you access to operating instructions, including videos, technical descriptions and data. You can view spare parts illustrations and collect spare parts for ordering online since Eldoc Online is fully integrated with Spares Online.

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