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Port optimisation

As ship sizes and global traffic grow, safety and well-coordinated operations have become a major challenge at ports. Every year, over 2 million port calls are coordinated individually, more than 18 billion US dollars' worth of excess fuel is unnecessarily burnt at anchorage resulting in 160 million tonnes of CO2  — gaps in operational efficacy that can only be resolved with digitalisation.

Wärtsilä  Port optimisation solutions provide intelligent tools and digital technologies for perfectly coordinated vessel traffic in ports and efficient port operations. With our integrated, global approach and innovative data handling methods, we are able to ensure seamless maritime traffic control, vessel, and coast monitoring and provide tools to ensure Just-in-Time arrivals. We enable eye-to-eye collaboration between ships and shores and offer coast-to-coast monitoring and advanced decision support. 

Key benefits

  • Monitor: collect and process data and create common operational pictures 
  • Alert: analyse traffic, detect hazards and increase situational awareness 
  • Respond: advanced decision supports and ship-to-shore communication

Key features

  • Fully customizable products to fit exact needs 
  • Wide range of configurations from port VTS to regional and national systems 
  • Full compliance with international standards and requirements 
  • Support for extensive range of sensors from different manufacturers 
  • Eye-to-eye collaboration 

Our solutions

Port call optimisation

Picture ports where ships arrive Just-in-Time, all services are optimised for safety and traffic flow without congestion or long anchorage, cutting down tonnes of excess bunkering and CO2 emissions. That’s the smart port ecosystem Wärtsilä Port call optimisation helps you build.

Man using  Port Management Information Systems

Port Management Information Systems

Port Management Information Systems (PIMS) are designed to facilitate the planning and management of port operations. The port industry is a competitive business and the implemention of a PMIS can assist ports to gain a competitive advantage in terms of customer service, stakeholder engagement and overall operational efficiency.

Port community systems

Ports have become intricate partner networks that include port authorities, terminals, shipping lines, trucking and logistics companies, and off-dock storage providers. To be truly effective, Ports and stakeholders have to do more than simply adopt technologies on their own. Instead, they must embrace PCS platforms and services that make it easier for stakeholders to work together to promote the efficiency of the overall ecosystem.

Coastal surveillance systems

Mission-critical solutions that provide coast guards with real-time information, taking situational awareness to the next level to help prevent illegal activities and protect lives at sea, the environment, and critical onshore infrastructure from intruders.

Man using Vessel Traffic Management Systems

Vessel traffic management systems

For a globally coordinated approach to optimise maritime traffic control, port monitoring, decision-support and coastal security, even in the most demanding situations.

electronic chart in use

Search and rescue solutions

Integrated SAR modules with VTS software to help operators quickly identify search areas, estimate the required resources, calculate search patterns and provide a fast and efficient response in distress situations.

electronic charts on tablets

Pilot management solution

With intensive inputs from pilots and experienced engineering, our solutions provide complete situational awareness and seamless interactions between pilots, port authorities and ship traffic control, making operations in confined port waters safer, easier and more efficient.

vessels on a river

River information systems

Ensure safe and secure navigation on all types of inland waterways with the latest river electronic charts, inland AIS and Automatic Transmitter Identification Systems that help you to turn inefficiencies and safety risks into opportunities and growth potentials.

Offshore solutions

Software solutions and equipment to protect offshore installations and enable effective monitoring of activity in the guard zone, preserve the environment and safeguard personnel.

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