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Marine propulsion systems, marine gears, and energy saving technologies

Marine propulsion systems, solutions, and services from Wärtsilä deliver efficiency, safety, and manoeuvrability. The thrusters portfolio offers solutions for manoeuvrability and station keeping for all vessel types. Waterjet propulsion solutions are available for any ship size. You will also find a wide offering of marine gears and transmission.

These solutions are key when looking for ways to decarbonise your operations by decreasing emissions and saving fuel. There are also special energy saving technologies that have been designed just for that purpose.

Most popular

Controllable pitch propeller systems

Controllable pitch propeller systems

Wärtsilä's Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP) systems offer great performance and manoeuvrability. Ideal for vessels with multiple operating conditions.


Ship thrusters for all vessel applications from merchant and offshore to cruise, tugs, and fishing vessels.

Air lubrication system

This proven air lubrication system will create a carpet of microbubbles on the full flat bottom of the vessel’s hull, reducing frictional resistance.

Marine propulsion solutions in more detail

At the cutting edge: Wärtsilä Propulsion Factory in Wuxi

Watch the video to learn how our customers can benefit from Wärtsilä's global propulsion expertise that comes together at the state of the art factory in Wuxi.

Diesel electric propulsion

Electric marine propulsion is a flexible and future-proof choice for ships.  Flexibility safeguards you from the uncertainty about the availability and cost of sustainable fuels, for example.

You need flexibility if you are not sure about the additional power sources that will support your combustion engines, and if you do not know exactly which operational profiles will be sailed.

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Diesel electric propulsion rendering

Your quick guide to energy saving technologies

Is it possible to ensure a good CII rating while staying competitive? How to improve energy efficiency of ships? Energy saving technology is a part of the answer. Learn more:

Download the quick guide now!

How to maximise safety and manoeuvrability

Offshore applications require cast-iron safety and excellent manoeuvrability. The traditional way to improve dynamic positioning (DP) capability has been to add more powerful thrusters or increase propeller diameter. This comes at a cost because the weight and complexity of your vessel will increase.

Instead, you will want to find the optimal configuration for propulsion. Wärtsilä’s OPTI-DP Engagement Tool can calculate and quantify the propulsion options early in the design phase. This means that you can configure your engines accurately and thereby save fuel.

Wärtsilä OPTI-DP Engagement Tool

Optimising propulsion the smart way

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and Wärtsilä’s OPTI Design help optimise vessel propulsion and maximise efficiency. Explore underwater insights through 13 amazing pictures!

Why not take advantage of the unique expertise that we can offer? Wärtsilä is one of the leading marine propulsion companies. Get in touch and let’s discuss your needs and options! 

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