Wärtsilä Coastal and Inland Waterway Propellers

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High-end propeller technology for inland waterway and coastal vessels

Shipping in coastal waters and inland waterways puts high demands on propulsion systems because of the enormous variations in the operating conditions. For instance, the draft of the vessels changes according to the differences in water levels due to the effects of rain or drought. There is often also limited information concerning the resistance or wake field of these vessels. All these aspects have to be taken into consideration, which is not an easy task. Nevertheless, Wärtsilä is capable of designing the optimum propulsion system taking into account the specific environment for each vessel. Our engineers are specially trained to deal with these extreme circumstances. They are able to call on more than 100 years of experience and utilise the latest computer equipment, which enables them to simulate the cavitation behaviour and pressure pulses of the propeller under varying conditions.

Key Benefits

  • Non-standard fully optimised propeller design
  • Also available for vessels lacking design information, such as wake field and resistance data
  • Maximised propeller efficiency with minimum noise and vibration levels
  • Bronze or stainless steel propellers
  • Specialized propulsion systems for vessels operating on local waterways, and for coastal and fishing vessels
  • Expertly designed propulsion systems for large luxury yachts, and governmental and special vessels
  • Increased bollard pull and sustained vessel speed with Wärtsilä’s High Performance (HP) nozzle
  • Fixed pitch propellers come with nozzles, propeller shaft assemblies, and stern tube systems


    Coastal and inland propulsion systems are specialized for vessels operating on local waterways, and for coastal and fishing vessels. Wärtsilä has considerable expertise in designing propulsion systems for large, fast luxury yachts and government-owned ships with propeller diameters of up to 3500 mm, as well as for various special vessels, all with their own characteristics. Wärtsilä supplies fixed pitch propellers, nozzles, and propeller shaft assemblies complete with stern tube systems as part of the propulsion equipment for such vessels..

    Wärtsilä operates in close co-operation with its customers in order to optimise product performance to meet demands and opportunities. Since each ship is different, a tailored propulsion solution offering maximum performance with minimum levels of vibration and noise will be delivered.

    Technical Info

    Coastal and Inland Waterway Propellers are available in Bronze or Stainless steel. They are tailor-made with 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 blades. The accuracy can be according to ISO class II, I or S. Wärtsilä has the capability to deliver fixed pitch propellers for any diameter above 1000 mm, although for the coastal and inland waterway segment they are seldom larger than 3500 mm.

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