Wärtsilä Propulsion Control System

The Wärtsilä Propulsion Control System (PCS) is a comprehensive system of control devices, displays, indicators and modules designed to suit all possible propulsion configurations of a modern ship.

The human interface of Wärtsilä PCS, ProTouch, is a complete system of levers and touch screen interfaces, that responds to market demands for modern and compact control devices.

Wärtsilä ProTouch has won the Red Dot Design Award, Best of the Best 2013.


  • Touch screen technology for user friendly, intuitive operation
  • Simple installation and commissioning
  • Compact, space saving design
  • Fully customizable to fit all propulsion products and layouts
  • Also available for retrofits


    The components of the Wärtsilä Propulsion Control System can be combined into configurations suitable for a wide range of applications to meet the requirements of redundancy and independency needed for merchant shipping, as well as more complex offshore applications.

    With the capability to control up to 8 propulsors from up to 5 operator stations, the system covers a vast majority of applications and propulsion layouts.

    Key benefits

    Compact design: The whole system footprint is reduced significantly allowing optimisation for ergonomic needs and meeting functional requirements.

    Modularity/flexibility: The extended modularity of hardware and graphic user interfaces offers a flexible solution for any vessel layout. The system fits all the propulsion products and, as a result, all types of vessels.

    Safety: the system improves safety, both at sea and in port by removing the visual challenge of finding critical information, it provides the user the relevant information when needed User friendly, intuitive operations: By the means of the modern displays, with touchscreen technology, the operator can easily get all the functions and information handy. The system will guide the user when a more complex sequence or action is required. Also, the system can support any language.

    Simpler installation and maintenance: The system minimizes installation time and costs, simplifies commissioning and reduces maintenance needs because the PCS is fully pre-configurable and the components communicate by a redundant field bus with minimised number of cables.

    Integration with other systems: The system enables easy integration via serial interfaces towards for example VDR, IAMCS and DP/AP systems.

    Technical Info

    Modularity and configurations
    The system’s modularity makes installing, commissioning, configuration and maintenance simple and efficient, thus saving valuable time. Up to 8 propulsors can be controlled at up to 5 operator stations in order to cover the vast majority of the applications. All bridge devices are connected to a redundant CAN OPEN network.

    The system enables easy integration with other systems via serial interfaces with other systems at bridge level. Protocols like MODBUS RTU RS485 and NMEA 0183 are supported for VDR, IAMCS and centralized dimming.

    Six lever types are available for different propulsors.

    Single and double levers for fixed pitch / controllable pitch (FPP/CPP) main propellers

    Single and double levers for Tunnel thrusters (TT)

    Steerable thrusters (ST) and Waterjets (WJ).

    Each lever is standard equipped with stepper motors for automatic line up during control transfers and electronic detents. Each lever is equipped with a led bar giving the operator instant visual information on the active propulsion mode. A separate back-up system is integrated in the lever as well as a hardwired emergency stop circuit.

    Touch screens
    The capacitive touch screen displays are in two sizes; a 4.3” side display and a 10” main display. The latter is optional and used for multi propulsor plants providing a single user interface for common functions like dimming and control.

    • Algoma Equinox
      Wärtsilä combined all the elements of a complete tailor-made solution for Algoma.

      Algoma Equinox

    • Almirante Don Juan De Borbon
      The ship was commissioned in 2003, Wärtsilä supplied two controllable pitch propellers and the shafting systems. The Almirante Don Juan De Borbon is the second of five Alvaro de Bazan Class multipurpose frigates (also known as F100 frigates) operated by the Spanish Navy.

      Almirante Don Juan De Borbon

    • Bitflower
      Delivered in 2003, the tanker Bitflower features a complete Wärtsilä machinery installation incorporating a Wärtsilä 6L38 main engine. Bitflower belongs to Tarbit Shipping AB, a Swedish shipping company that has been shipping asphalt, petroleum products and chemicals since 1962.


    • Brabo
      The Brabo entered service in 2007. The major part of the pumping power is delivered by the two Wärtsilä engines – a Wärtsilä 12V32 and a Wärtsilä 8L32.

      The vessel is designed to work in shallow waters, and for applications such as, port maintenance, beach replenishment, and land reclamation projects.


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