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WST-18E embedded electric steerable thruster

Energy efficient and with excellent station keeping and manoeuvring capabilities.

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WST-18E - energy efficient and fast

The WST-18E is a steerable thruster with an embedded electric motor. Equipped with the latest technologies, it is extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Because the WST-18E has excellent dynamic positioning, station keeping, manoeuvring capabilities, and high thrust performance, it is a great choice for vessels that use electric propulsion. For example, for the following vessel types:

  • Service offshore vessels (SOVs, CSOVs)
  • Full electric and hybrid electric tugs
  • Offshore support vessels (OSVs)
  • Platform supply vessels (PSVs)
  • Multi-purpose support vessels (MPVs)  
  • Electric ferries (RoPax, RoRo).
3D illustration of the WST-18E

Watch this video to learn more about Wärtsilä thrusters and propulsion controls for heavy-duty dynamic positioning:

WST-18E - key features

  • A small footprint. The permanent magnet or asynchronous E-motor embedded in the thruster minimises the height of the WST-18E. That is why it can also be installed in a height restricted space, such as below the working deck of a vessel.
  • Eco-efficiency. VGP2013 compliant or optional zero pollution sealing systems make this thruster environmentally friendly.
  • The optional tilted propeller gearbox reduces the thrust loss caused by interactions with the vessel hull and other thrusters.
  • There is an option for fast electric steering and optimised gears for fast power ramp-up. Thanks to these, its DP and station keeping capabilities meet the highest standards.

WST-18E steerable thruster range

Find the technical data for the WST-18E in the table:




Input speed



Propeller type



Propeller dia.




Optimized for bollard pull
(Optimized for free sailing)



(8° Tilted)





*approximate weight depending on execution; without E-motor and lubrication oil

Why choose thrusters from Wärtsilä 

Wärtsilä is market leader in thrusters with tilted propeller gearboxes, which reduce thrust losses due to interactions with the vessel hull and other thrusters. Wärtsilä has the portfolio, designer support tools and expertise to help you define the optimal thruster solution for you.

Get the thrusters you need for unmatched dynamic positioning, station keeping, and manoeuvring.

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