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How to lengthen the engine maintenance intervals safely

How to keep the vessel’s engines in good working condition and avoid unnecessary maintenance? Is it possible to make educated decisions on engine overhauls and maintenance based on hard facts instead of following fixed schedules? 

The answer has many names: data driven maintenance, dynamic maintenance planning, predictive maintenance, or condition-based maintenance. They have the same objective: to lower the lifecycle costs of the engine.

What is the alternative to fixed-schedule engine maintenance? 

Wärtsilä’s Data-driven Maintenance Planning is based on analysing the actual data from the vessel’s engine. This data combined with inspections will tell when the engine is due for maintenance, so it is possible to lengthen the maintenance interval safely. You will perform maintenance only when it is necessary – and optimise the time between overhauls.

The goal is to reduce the number of inspections between overhauls by excluding intermediate inspections and replacing the opening inspection with an intermediate inspection when possible. 

Key benefits

  • You can base your maintenance decisions on real data 
  • You will get expert advice and recommendations, also based on real data 
  • More flexible maintenance planning 
  • The extended maintenance interval will be backed by OEM statements
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How does data-driven maintenance planning work?

Wärtsilä’s Data-driven Maintenance Planning (DMP) service is based on real data from the vessel’s engine, analytics, fluid management, maintenance history, and inspections. 

Inspections between overhauls are needed to verify the condition of some components that might not be visible from the data. When you decide to extend the maintenance interval, you will have an OEM statement to present for classification societies. This ensures that your vessel stays compliant and that it is safe to continue in operation. 

How to get started with Data-driven Maintenance Planning

Data-driven Maintenance Planning is available as part of service agreements for Wärtsilä’s engines. It is part of a service package that includes Expert Insight, Maintenance Planning, and Fluid Management. 

The service is delivered globally through Wärtsilä Expertise Centres, where experts are available round-the-clock, safeguarding the reliability of your vessel. 

With Wärtsilä's expert support, we can continue to maintain our vessels to the highest standard while at the same time adding an extra layer of flexibility and cost-efficiency to our maintenance planning and execution.

Fabio Gervasio, Maintenance Manager, Sapura Brazil

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