Decarbonisation solutions for existing fleets

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Decarbonisation solutions for vessel fleets

If you own or operate a ship that must reduce its emissions and/or save fuel, you have several options. You can, for example:

  • adopt electric solutions such as hybrid, shore power, or shaft generators
  • make sure your vessels operate in an optimal way
  • retrofit energy-saving technologies
  • reduce the speed of your vessels
  • install onboard carbon capture
  • switch to low-carbon fuels
  • upgrade the engine in your ship.

Decarbonisation services

Decarbonisation services may be your smartest step towards the lower carbon future. You will get insight and advice for optimising your vessel’s performance across its entire lifecycle. You can gain surprising benefits.

Decarbonisation solutions in detail

Take a closer look at the options for the decarbonisation of your existing fleet.

Electric shipping

Electrical solutions allow the vessels to use green energy and reduce its emissions dramatically.

Other innovative solutions for decarbonisation

Making sure your vessels operate in an optimal way

Lifecycle agreements make it easier to keep the vessel’s engines and performance ship-shape. A well-maintained vessel operates more sustainably.

Energy saving technologies

An integrated package of propulsion solutions that help on the journey to decarbonisation. Improve your CII rating for economic and environmental impact.

A powerful dercarbonisation technology available for both retrofit installations and newbuilds

Onboard carbon capture

A powerful decarbonisation technology available for both retrofit installations and newbuilds.

Reducing the speed of your vessels

A complete range of power limitation solutions that allow ship owners to meet the EEXI requirements. Easy to install and commission.

Low-carbon fuels

Switch to an alternative fuel to get immediate benefits: reduce your carbon, SOx and NOx emissions and achieve compliance with regulations such as EEXI.

Engine upgrades

Solutions that optimise the combustion process and tune the engine to the most frequently used operating range. A reduction in fuel consumption of up to 4 percent can be achieved.

Upgradability is key for existing ships

Decreasing GHG emissions will require more than technology. Data, insight, and know-how must complement technology. Identifying the best ways to decarbonisation without jeopardizing business success it not easy to do alone. Choose Wärtsilä as your partner – let us put our expertise into action and analyse your vessel fleet. Together we can define the optimal decarbonisation plan for you.

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