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Wärtsilä EnergoPac

A vessel’s power efficiency level is dependent upon the interaction between all the main components. To achieve optimal performance and improve efficiency these need to form a single integrated design. This also holds true for the interaction between the vessel’s propeller and rudder. 

Wärtsilä EnergoPac is an optimised propulsion and manoeuvring solution for coastal and seagoing vessels. Its key objective is to reduce a vessel’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions through integrating the propeller and rudder design. EnergoPac is tailored for each and every vessel to meet the customer’s specific requirements, and can thus be optimised for energy efficiency, without compromising manoeuvrability or comfort.

Propeller and rudder

Key benefits

  • Improved propulsive energy efficiency
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Excellent manoeuvrability
  • Lower vibration levels and greater onboard comfort
  • Reduced levels of emissions
  • Integrated propeller and rudder design 

    Technical Info

    EnergoPac is the optimised propulsion and manoeuvring solution for coastal and ocean going vessels. The key objective is to reduce the vessel’s fuel consumption by integrating the design of both the propeller and rudder. Each EnergoPac is designed to fit the intended vessel and to meet its specific requirements; this allows EnergoPac to be optimised fully for energy efficiency, whilst not compromising on either manoeuvrability or comfort levels.

    Fuel savings

    EnergoPac reduces fuel consumption because it effectively reduces the flow separation behind the propeller hub. Extended studies show that for the same course-keeping capabilities, EnergoPac will create less drag than conventional rudder systems. In particular, when using small – corrective – steering forces to keep the vessel on course, the difference in rudder resistance is significant. The high-lift performance of EnergoPac requires smaller steering angles and consequently reduces rudder resistance.

    Cost savings with EnergoPac

    The reduction in fuel consumption depends very much on the vessel type, its operational profile, and on the reference propeller and rudder. For any application, the power savings can be estimated by Wärtsilä. The estimate is based on the vessel design, its operational profile and other requirements. Proven savings in the power required for a vessel’s trial speed vary between 2–9% with EnergoPac.



    EnergoPac system

    traditional rudder4

    Traditional propeller and rudder


    • EnergoPac can effectively reduce the operational costs for any vessel with a considerable share of free sailing time in its operational profile. It works very well for propellers with a relatively large propeller hub. The potential savings are large for vessels with highly loaded controllable pitch propeller systems, such as RoRo-vessels, ferries, container / multipurpose vessels, and vessels with an ice class notation. In addition to controllable pitch propeller applications, EnergoPac can also be applied on vessels with fixed pitch propellers.
    • Model and actual full scale tests demonstrate a significant reduction in propeller induced pressure pulses on the hull when the EnergoPac system is installed. This makes EnergoPac suitable for vessels where onboard comfort levels are important.
    • Wärtsilä’s high efficiency rudder technology dates back to the 1990s when Wärtsilä started producing energy-saving rudders. This development work was continued in 2007 through co-operation between Wärtsilä’s propulsion specialists and the rudder experts at Becker Marine Systems. The EnergoPac system is a result of this extensive research. The combined experience and track record of these companies in optimizing ship efficiency is extensive and widely appreciated throughout the industry.
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