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Solutions for merchant vessels

With around 55,000 vessels, the merchant shipping segment is large and diverse. It includes everything from mega container ships and large, medium and small gas carriers to short-sea feeders, bulkers and tankers. Despite its diversity, operators across this segment face a common challenge: they all need to develop flexible, future-proof vessels that are easy to upgrade and adapt as strategies change to address stricter environmental regulations.

This means operating fuel-flexible vessels that can take advantage of current and future options. It means integrating batteries and hybrid systems that increase efficiency and can be upgraded to take advantage of new energy sources like shore power. And it means selecting a lifecycle solution partner that can help you navigate the evolving options.

Container vessels

Integrated solutions for greater efficiency and reliability. Services for carefree operations throughout vessel's lifetime

Container vessels

Bulker and tanker

Future proof solutions for bulkers and tankers, and how they help achieve optimum performance and minimized emission levels

Bulker and tanker

Short sea shipping

Future-proof solutions for short sea tankers, feeders, and bulkers

Tanker, feeder and bulker

Short Sea Shipping Vessels

Gas carriers

Global and local gas transportation – including LNGCs and gas carriers from large to small

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