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Wärtsilä eLogbook

A digital and compliant onboard solution

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Wärtsilä eLogbook

This administration-approved system enables the digital logging of operational records onboard of vessels. It is a robust and trustworthy alternative to replace traditional paper logbooks in an audit-proof manner. This way, the company’s Quality Management processes get supported by collecting accurate and complete data sets.

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Key features

  • 14 different Logbook-types are available
  • Approved by 17 flag-states and Lloyd’s Register
  • Compliant with IMO and MARPOL regulations
  • Secure data-storage and back-up management
  • Intuitive and easy to use for the crew
  • Role-based access control and approval processing

Key benefits

  • User-friendly: Intuitive and easy to use. It allows immediate access to multiple logbooks stored within a central database. The software replicates the look and feel of paper logbooks, so users feel familiar with the solution.
  • Accurate logging: Structured templates offer guidance for the user to ensure the data entered is legible and verifiable. The role-based user-management and access controls support the onboard verification process.
  • Always available: Logistical efforts and costs to provide paper books around the globe are reduced. The system ensures availability and doesn’t run out of supplies. The storage of hard copies for multiple years is no longer needed.
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