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Tugs and pushboats - Superior performance, high-speed engine compatible and environmental performance

The marine industry is increasingly turning to more advanced solutions as the cost of available technology decreases, and its reliability is substantiated. The environmental and economic viability of these complex solutions typically results from an integrated approach, encompassing vessel design, equipment selection, and on-site support for the shipyard and owner.

3D illustration Tug boat with Wärtsilä Hybrid

No other company in the world can match Wärtsilä’s extensive portfolio of products, systems and solutions for tugs from 700kw to the largest in the market. We serve Conventional, LNG and Hybrid tug vessels with complete power and propulsion systems, electrical and automation technology, a range of environmental solutions and much more, all of which are tailored to suit your operational needs. We are also able to provide a range of environmental ship designs where we are able to fully integrate these products and systems to ensure greater efficiency and lower operating costs. Furthermore, our Smart Vessel Technology provides cutting edge solutions for our customers needs.

The Wärtsilä Intellitug Project

Co-creating new capabilities with our ecosystem partners, with the end users being at the heart of everything we do. This ensures that the solution is fit for purpose and human-centric taking forward and building upon valuable experiences as well as the expertise from the people impacted by new technology.

Vilja Escort Tug

The variety of missions and skills required to crew a tug mean it is a demanding and critical role in ports and coastal areas across the globe. To meet these demands we know a tug needs to be reliable, efficient and above all safe in every operating profile. 

Our smart marine solutions are also bringing new technologies to increase efficiency and reduce costs in a safety conscious environment from smart navigation between missions to situational awareness for safety Wärtsilä is the partner you can rely on to pull it's weight.

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Wärtsilä HYTug

Since tugs typically operate in close coordination with other vessels in busy waterways such as harbours, they are particularly affected by environmental aspects, and the need for compliance is an ever-increasing concern for tug owners and operators. Wärtsilä offers a portfolio of designs and solutions for greater environmental sustainability.

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