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Built-UP Propellers enable uninterrupted vessel service due to underwater blade (de)mounting

Built-up propellers are typically installed on ice-breakers and offshore patrol vessels that operate in ice infested waters or operational areas with increased risk of propeller damage. Long interruptions of the vessel operating schedule are avoided due to the fast (under water) replacement of blades. Limited replacement time enables the vessel to maintain its schedule, which is beneficial for vessels with a fixed operating schedule such as cruise vessels and ferries.

Key benefits

  • Uninterrupted vessel service due to underwater blade (de)mounting
  • Easy transport and handling in case of propeller damage
  • Suitable for high loads and/or high ship speeds
  • Limited storage space required because of spare blades
  • On-board storage of spare blades is an option
  • Large size stainless steel fixed pitch propeller feasible
  • An alternative for propellers that suffer from frequent damage because of collisions
  • OPTI Design methodology can ensure optimum performance and minimum levels of noise and vibration 


    • The Wärtsilä Built-Up Propeller (BUP) is an attractive alternative for a monobloc propeller.
    • The easily (de)mountable blades and the possibility of under water (de)mounting enable the propeller blades to be replaced or repaired without interruption to the normal operating service.
    • The BUPs are supplied in stainless steel or bronze. Connection towards the propeller shaft is with a flange and fit bolts. Most BUPs are delivered with 4- and 5-blades propellers, but 6-bladed propellers can also be delivered on request. There are no propeller diameter or weight limits. The flush and compact hub design in combination with efficiency optimised propeller blades makes the BUP fit for applications where low fuel consumption is important.

    Technical Info

    • Built-up propellers are supplied in stainless steel or bronze and are delivered as standard with flange and fit bolts towards the propeller shaft. 4- and 5-blade propellers are the most common but 6-bladed propellers can also be supplied on request. There are no diameter or weight limits.
    • For additional fuel savings and efficient steering, it is possible to combine the built-up propeller with Wärtsilä’s Energopac propulsion and manoeuvring solution. Another option for increasing the vessel’s fuel efficiency is the efficient EnergoProFin hub cap.
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