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Energy saving technology saves fuel for ships

Does your vessel have to reduce its emissions, save fuel, or both? You can benefit from new marine propulsion technologies, which offer sustainability improvements. You can also save fuel by using sails, batteries or fuel cells, or by choosing a smaller engine. Greener fuels will also help you reduce emissions.

It is always good to have your ship run as efficiently as possible. Better propulsion efficiency – and better ship efficiency – is only going to be more important on our journey towards the zero-carbon shipping of the future.

Energy saving technology for ships is one of your options.

Your quick guide to energy saving technologies

How to improve energy efficiency of ships? How to ensure a good CII rating while staying competitive? Energy saving technology is a part of the answer. Learn more:

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Explore energy saving technologies

Explore these 10 solutions that will reduce your ship’s energy consumption and save fuel for ships. Better ship efficiency will help you on the journey to decarbonisation and net zero.

Air lubrication system

Choose a proven air lubrication system that will create a carpet of microbubbles on the full flat bottom of the vessel’s hull. This reduces frictional resistance, which saves fuel for the ship.

GATE RUDDER™ by Wärtsilä

The GATE RUDDER is an innovative energy saving and manoeuvring device. It has a unique design formed of two foils on either side of the propeller. The foils deliver beneficial hydrodynamic effects.

Rotor sails

Rotor sails will harness the wind to provide additional propulsion to a ship. They are suitable for newbuild and retrofit projects for most vessel types.


An energy saving propeller cap that can provide average fuel savings of 2%, with a payback time of less than one year.


An innovative pre-swirl stator. It creates an optimal inflow for the propeller, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.


Integrates the propeller and rudder design, and will optimise propulsion and improve the manoeuvrability of vessels.

OPTI Design

Wärtsilä’s OPTI Design methodology takes advantage of computational fluid dynamics and expert knowledge. Your propeller, engine, and hull can be a perfect match when they work together – improving your ship efficiency.

Discover more about OPTI Design


A smart control system that combines optimal propeller pitch with optimal engine loading.

New propeller design

Redesigning a propeller can lead to impressive efficiency gains for vessels that employ slow steaming to save fuel.

High Performance Nozzle

The Wärtsilä HP nozzle improves the vessel’s bollard pull performance.

CPP – Controllable Pitch Propellers

Controllable Pitch Propellers (CPPs) can be used to run the ship forward and backward without changing the direction of the engine’s rotation.
A CPP system will make the vessel easier to manoeuvre. It is an ideal choice for vessels that have frequent sailing routes involving several operating conditions because it can change its operating profile with the engine at constant speed. In other words, there is no need to accelerate and decelerate the propulsion machinery to achieve the changes. This means that the vessel will perform with better efficiency.

A controllable pitch propeller system from Wärtsilä is a fully customized combination of

  • a hub
  • propeller blades
  • shafting
  • hydraulics
  • a control system
  • any further accessories needed to meet the customer’s needs.

Wärtsilä’s hydrodynamic experts tailor the CPP system for each application to balance the fuel consumption with the comfort levels required by the customer. This tailoring takes advantage of OPTI Design methodology, where a digital model is used to determine the interaction between the propeller and the vessel’s hull. A complete digital model lets the experts identify how the CPP system will achieve maximum efficiency.

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Wärtsilä’s expertise covers the full spectrum of energy saving technologies from rudder and propeller-based solutions to hull air lubrication and rotor sails. Your vessels can stay productive and competitive for longer – at much lower CAPEX than you would need for a newbuild.

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