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Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Dashboard

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Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Dashboard

Changing regulations

Decarbonisation regulations are changing industry standards, and maritime stakeholders are under increasing pressure to prove they are taking the necessary steps to optimise their operations and cut emissions from ocean-going transport. While there are tools that help with calculating and submitting a CII rating, simply complying isn’t enough. The CII rating is all about optimising the vessel, routes, speed, and consumption amongst other things. This means that with the right data, you can make informed decisions to quickly and cost-effectively improve your CII rating in the short term, which will put you and your fleet in a better position when looking at the 2025 revision.

Holistic offering

Our holistic FOS offering brings your navigational data, operational processes analytics, and fuel efficiency monitoring to one interface, making performance management seamless so that you can make the best-informed decisions about your vessels. Remove silos and harness the power of data-driven insights to optimise operations and reap the benefits of achieving stellar CII ratings across your entire fleet.


Step 1

Get full CII visibility: pinpoint problem vessels

With FOS, you can quickly see which vessels are performing well or at risk of low ratings, along with the timeline of your fleet’s CII projected progression.

Step 2

Better Insights = Better fleet management

Our holistic FOS platform provides all the data you need to identify the key factors affecting your fleet’s rating, and how these differ by vessel. Performance tracking metrics can help you make prioritised, informed decisions on what to focus first to make quick improvements.

Step 3

Future-proof your fleet

There are digital optimisations that can be implemented with little disruption or investment that may impact a CII rating positively, but how long will the vessel be able to maintain it? When the time comes for more drastic actions requiring a retrofit, it’s important to have the right data before making decisions that affect profits.


Data is gathered onboard via SmartLog, our semi-automated noon reporting solution, which pre-fills part of the data automatically from existing shipboard equipment, increasing data quality and reducing reporting workload. Smartlog is also used for IMO DCS and EU MRV-compliant reporting eliminating duplication and ensuring consistency between the preliminarily CII rating calculated in the FOS dashboard and the verified rating.

On shore, our integrated approach means that emissions management can be combined with other equally important tasks, such as charter party analysis or voyage planning, which are all provided in the same FOS dashboard.

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Create Transparency for your CII rating


Manage your CII rating with the FOS system you have at hand


Focus on access to mitigating actions that our system provides in a holistic manner

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