Energy Saving Technology -
Improve your vessel performance

As awareness of the work required to meet the requirements for 2030 and beyond grows, Wärtsilä has been proactive in developing existing solutions and also innovating and partnering to ensure there are options available to suit all vessel types and operating profiles.

It is clear that propulsion will be a requirement for vessels but in the future that could be achieved in a combination of ways: sails, batteries, fuel cells, or smaller engines, for example. In all probability the prices for bio-based or synthetic fuels will be more expensive than fuel is now, so even when your vessel can operate on these future fuels you will still always need to make it run as efficiently as possible. In this way, increasing propulsion efficiency is only going to become more important as we continue towards a zero-carbon future for the industry.

Improved energy efficiency - Wärtsilä propulsion solutions

In today's increasingly competitive shipping environment, you need solutions that not only increase the ship's efficiency but are also reliable and have a shorter payback period. Check the video which gives an introduction to our propulsion efficiency solutions.
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